"Elaine Greer is a singer-songwriter from Houston. She sings songs that could be described as folk, perhaps with a twinge of country thrown in for good measure. But more importantly, she sings songs that are good. They aren’t showy in the least, gently meandering along at their own pace, but they manage to make one hell of an impression. Most of that impression is down to Greer’s voice. Fitting the style of the songs, it’s constantly bold, but constantly restrained. Sure, this is material from an EP. But it could just as easily be from someone sitting alone in their bedroom. Every now and again a slight musical flourish from a piano or a vocal harmony pops in that reminds us this is a properly produced song. But it doesn’t really need it." -Another Form of Relief

"Cool, smart, resilient, inventive pop from Austin, Texas-based singer/songwriter Elaine Greer. We've said this plenty of times in the past but it's worth repeating. At this point in time there are so many talented musical artists in the world that there simply aren't enough listeners and fans to support them all. As a result, that means that some truly outstanding folks seem to be unfairly toiling away in the undercurrents. Greer is certainly one of those virtually unknown artists who is so good that it seems kinda crazy that she isn't already a major celebrity. The songs on Annotations feature wonderful winding melodies, cool vocal work, and superb arrangements. A great deal of time was obviously spent writing and recording these songs...and the acute attention to detail shows. Although Elaine plays many of the instruments on this album several friends and/or guest artists are also featured. We've played this CD about ten times so far...and it just keeps sounding better every time. Nifty cuts include "Wave," "Everything Works Out," "I Don't Know Why," and "It Rains, It Pours." Top pick." -Babysue.com

"There is a very exciting point in a musician’s career when, after a long time of working on their craft, they realize what they do has a value outside of their own bedroom. If you were at the Proletariat and saw Elaine Greer perform to a packed crowd last month opening for the Fiery Furnaces, you couldn’t help but feel the giddiness of a musician at that stage. Standing on stage behind her Telecaster, you could almost hear her take a deep breath before diving in. Greer’s songs drip with sweet and simple melodies that hum inside your head long after you first hear them. In her home recordings, the songs are intimate and have an understated beauty but that night, with a full band the songs ripped with confidence and endless possibilities." -FreePressHouston

"For her solo CD, Annotations...its sharp vignettes read like footnotes to her life, hence the title. And if Greer's tone isn't strident, neither is she a shy violet. Such songs as "Everything Works Out," "Can't Go Back," "Wave," and "It Rains, It Pours" are statements of the heart, soothing and optimistically sung in her clear, lingering voice. Annotations' silky, often delicately acoustic instrumentation imbues every track with gentleness and warmth. "Put small fires out with your hands," she advises on "Small Fires," knowing that if getting burned is part of the risk, healing and a tougher skin are part of the lesson." -Austin Chronicle

"It makes me smile to see new Austin bands progress and grow. I was able to catch Elaine Greer at the Mohawk a few weeks ago, opening for Tristen, and absolutely loved her set. A bit about Elaine Greer, she’s a singer-songwriter with a super tight backing band, and when they perform, it’s pretty much like watching a bunch of good friends having a great time together, which is so much fun to experience. Elaine has a 6 song EP from back in 2009 which I was able to listen to, and I must say it’s a delightful collection of earth toned folk with catchy melodies and hooks."  -Do512.com

"Annotations, Greer's first full-length CD, is made for summer nights around a campfire. Heavy with overdubs, recorded in Greer's apartment and Houston's Treehouse, its gentle melodies and lush harmonies mask the displacement and doubts of a young woman coming to terms with unfamiliar surroundings."           -HoustonPress.com

"Singer-songwriter Elaine Greer’s light, airy voice, winsome melodies and slight country twang has earned her serious critical praise in Houston: She was nominated in 2009 for Best Female Vocalist for the Houston Press Music Awards. Greer, now based in Austin, has also opened for The Fiery Furnaces, Tilly and the Wall and Tim Barry. Her first EP, Making Plans and Going Places, featuring a cleaner mix of her breathy vocals was released in 2009. Her debut album, Annotations, will be released on June 30 and she is setting out on an American cross-country tour in July." -The Daily Texan

"Young guitarist Elaine Greer has been flying under the radar since releasing an EP in 2009, but with the release of debut LP Annotations, she’s proven she can take her shimmering folk-pop to the Cactus Cafe or Mohawk." -The Austin Chronicle

"Elaine Greer is a name that many people in Houston remember fondly. Greer, made a name for herself as a powerful singer songwriter in Houston, releasing many low-fi CDRs before heading off to Austin a few years back. Before she her departure, she decided it was time to move up a bit and enter the studio. The resulting EP, Making Plans and Going Places, far exceeded anyone’s expectation. Greer took advantage of the larger palatte offered by the studio and dramatically expanded her sound in a way that never overshadowed her rich voice and intelligent songcraft." -Free Press Houston

Twenty-three-year-old Austin-based female singer-songwriter Elaine Greer produces winsome, meticulously crafted, harmony-infused leids that stand out from the glut of cute-vocal-ed, self-conscious indie fare populating the seeded playlists of the up-and-comer elite in 2011. -MusicZeitgeist.com

"Standing aside and behind her, a three piece band, whose amplified sound was almost big enough to keep up with her now seriously catalyic-coverterless voice; you simply cannot believe that a sound that big and full can come from a body that small (and there is really no way to write that phrase without it sounding creepy. Apologies). Though the twee-folk is gone, don't think that she's fallen off the cliff into some sort of too-tuff n' snarly Runaways style rebellion - she sings with a smile and made a noticeably 'oh no' face as she realized she was about to say a lyric with a bad word in front of her grandmother (who was in the audience). The band's slightly twangy pop fits well in the collection of anyone who counts Rilo Kiley or The Lemonheads as must-hears, and certainly has a place in ours." -TheSkyline.net

"Elaine Greer is...one of Houston's best singer songwriters - packing a sharp gift for melody in one holster and strong and distinctive voice in the other." -FreePressHouston

"The...EP, Making Plans and Going Places, was worth the wait. It's a distractingly pretty collection of folk-pop featuring Greer's uncomplicated coo and, yes, strings, horns and a choir part. Even the album art — a pastoral scene with a deep blue sky, a rainbow, fluffy clouds and gentle woodland creatures — is so pretty that it makes one sigh. It's a small slice of perfection." -29-95.com